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    Phil Supinski is a tech ambassador based in Denver, Colorado with experience in sales, management, consulting and marketing. He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in economics and quickly began a career that has seen continuous growth and development as he continues to hone in on his love for data science and analytics.


    Supinski's career started at Initech, the state's largest value-added reseller of 3com. After Initch's purchase by Hewlett-Packard, Phil shifted his focus to NerdPhone, a cloud-based VoIP provider in Colorado. Supinski helped to run the day to day operations as CEO and Solutions Architect at NerdPhone until 2013, when he sold the company.


    After a successful stint as a director at ePower Manufacturing, during which he overhauled the sales and manufacturing teams of the enormously successful Wisconsin-based manufacturer, Phil Supinski decided to continue his education, enrolling at Columbia University in pursuit of a professional certification in Data Sciences. Phil’s passion and relentless pursuit of knowledge, combined with his background and experience in cryptocurrency has allowed him to seek and find careers that have been both fulfilling and mutually beneficial.


    Today, Phil Supinski’s interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow and expand. You can often find him browsing and posting in r/Electronium, mining and reading about cryptocurrency, or spending time with his family outside Denver, Colorado.

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